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Homesteading Resources to Help You Move Forward

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When you are starting out homesteading, there is a lot of information you need to learn. So many new things you want to try.

Where do you find out how to do all of these things?

Here is a an extensive list of homesteading resources that might help you on your journey:


I love books! Some might think they are out of date, but not me. I love to sit in bed at the end of a hard day and read a book (until I almost fall asleep). I own all of these books personally, and they have been a great asset in my homesteading journey.

The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency by Anna Hess

This book is great for the new homesteader. It outlines short, weekend projects that you can do throughout the year to make a big impact on your homesteading goals. It helps you start slow and steady, so you don’t get burnout too quickly.

The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan

What I love about this book is that it goes very in depth on many topics. There are lots of lists and extensive information on cooking, butchering, and food preservation.

The Ultimate Self-Sufficiency Handbook by Abigail R. Gehring

This book contains most of what is in the other books, but it also has lots of recipes for canning and food production. It also has a great crafts section that discusses topics like soap and candle making for the homestead.

The Joy of Hobby Farming by Michael Levatino

In this book, the author starts from scratch with topics such as how to get land and what you should be looking for in land. He goes over the “business” of farming or homesteading. He also discusses growing flowers in your garden instead of just vegetables.

Hobby Farm Animals by Sue Weaver, Ann Larkin Hansen, Cherie Langlois, Arie B. McFarlen and Chris McLaughlin

This book goes into detail about selecting, caring for and butchering Beef Cattle, Chickens, Ducks, Goats, Pigs, Rabbits and Sheep. It would be great for anyone that is adding animals to their homestead.

How to Raise Rabbits by Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

We bought this book before we added meat rabbits to our homestead, and it really helped us. We learned everything about rabbits, from feeding to breeding to butchering.

Welcome to the Farm by Shaye Elliott

This book is written by Shaye Elliott from www.theelliotthomestead.com and she covers most homesteading topics. She has great information, packaged in a beautiful way.

The Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping by Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

Beekeeping can be overwhelming when you first get into it. This book helps you figure out what you need to know to get started.

Other Books to Try

These are books that I don’t own yet, but that are on my list for the future. Check them out:

The Homesteading Handbook by Abigail R. Gehring

Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre by Brett L. Markham

The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery


E-books are a great resource as well, because they are usually cheaper to buy and more convenient to take with you to read. I think I bought these e-books in a homesteading bundle, but you can buy them individually as well.

No Cook Freezer Meals by Kelly McNelis

Kelly @ http://newleafwellness.biz wrote this great book of freezer meals that is great for meal planning. These are quick, healthy, real food homemade meals that would be great for homestead life.

Kinda Crunchy by Tiffany Terczak

Tiffany of www.dontwastethecrumbs.com has several great e-books about going on a real food journey. In this book she gives her reader a 31 day challenge to frugal natural living.

Natural Homestead by Jill Winger

Jill of www.theprairiehomestead.com shares simple, natural recipes for the homestead. This e-book has 40+ recipes for natural critters and crops.

Clean & Simple by Stephanie Langford

You can get this e-book free by signing up on the email list for her website, www.keeperofthehome.org. This book has 12 green recipes that work.

From Scratch by Shaye Elliott

Shaye of www.theelliotthomestead.com created a cookbook of easy recipes for traditionally prepared whole-food dishes. You can also buy a paperback version on her website.

The Well Ordered Kitchen by Caroline Allen

This printable collection of organizational items for your kitchen is a must have for happy, healthy meal times. It helps you plan meals and keep your kitchen ready to serve your family.


YouTube is a great resource for videos on just about any topic you can imagine. For homesteaders, it gives you a real opportunity to learn skills even if you have no one nearby to teach you. There are tons of homesteading, gardening, animal raising and cooking videos on YouTube that can help you on your homesteading journey. Here are a few of my favorites:

Great American Farm Tour 

Justin Rhodes takes his family of 6 on a bus tour to visit homesteads around the country.

Pure Living for Life

108 Videos that chronicle a young couple as they live in their rv while they build their off-grid house on 5 acres. They stress self-sufficiency,  living off the grid and thriftiness.

Appalachias Homestead with Patara

Patara teaches homesteading skills and shares her adventures in these 540 videos.

An American Homestead

A three generational family moves to the country and shares their homesteading tips, tricks and adventures. There are 261 videos in this series so far.

Noreen’s Kitchen

Noreen has 1755 videos about cooking real food for real people. She shares her recipes and cooking instruction.

Our Half Acre Homestead

This series has 1463 videos about real food cooking instruction, crafts and food preservation.


Podcasts are a great way to gain more information about all kinds of topics. They are like the old time radio shows of the past but in the modern era. Here are a few of my favorites:

Living Homegrown with Theresa Loe

Since April 2015, Theresa Loe has 82 episodes of this podcast on making farm fresh food without the farm. She is a PBS personality from the show “Growing a Greener World” and teaches a Canning Academy on her website. Theresa wants to help you live closer to your food and also conducts interviews on the show with like minded individuals.

Modern Homesteading Podcast

Started in Jan 2015, this podcast includes 50 episodes of interviews with people throughout the homesteading community.

Self-Sufficient Life Podcast

Since Sept 2016, Tim Young hosts this podcast about homesteading and self-sufficiency. He also interviews people about how they support their farms by unconventional methods.

Pioneering Today Podcast

Since 2013, Melissa K. Norris has turned her awesome blog into a podcast. She talks about a wide range of homesteading topics to help you on your homesteading journey.

Mountain Woman Radio

Since 2013, Tammy Trayer from Trayer Wilderness has brought listeners tons of information and value from her own experiences and guests as well.

Homesteading Classes

Grow Your Own Groceries DVD

Canning Academy Online Canning Course

Rootsy Monthly Membership Site

Pioneering Today Academy Monthly Membership Site

I will continue to add to this page as I find more awesome resources to help you!

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