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    How We Decorate for Fall on the Homestead

    fall front porch

    Fall is my favorite season. Ever since we moved to Colorado 13 years ago, I have fallen in love with this season.

    My favorite things about fall:

    • Cooler weather
    • Beautiful fall colors
    • Football
    • Smells of pumpkin, apple and cinnamon
    • Fall decorations at home
    • Picking and carving pumpkins from the pumpkin patch
    • The season of gratitude

    I love to decorate for fall and this year I wanted to share what our homestead looks with our fall decor in full force.

    So here are a few pictures of the fall decorations around our homestead. I will keep these up until Thanksgiving, which is why I prefer to only decorate for fall, not halloween.

    Our Front Porch:

    fall front porch

    The first thing you see decorated is the front porch. I love this door and I should because I picked it out!

    fall front porch

    I bought the Harvest sign at Hobby Lobby (I love that place!) and I found these cool specialty pumpkins at the grocery store.

    specialty pumpkins

    I love these pumpkins because they are funky and different. I need to try to grow these varieties in my garden next year!

    front door decoration

    I got this fall door decoration at Hobby Lobby too. I like it because it isn’t a wreath but it looks great on the door.

    Entry Way:


    We keep this sign up in our entry way for most of the year, but it is especially true during the fall and Thanksgiving season. (another Hobby Lobby find!)

    fabric pumpkins

    I try to add decor that is child friendly in case we have some little kids over. Since I only have teenagers now, I don’t have to worry about breakable things (as much), but these fabric pumpkins make a great addition to the hat rack in the entry way.

    Living Room:

    bookshelf inside

    This bookshelf is in our “formal” living room. It’s only the formal living room because it is where surprise guests are ushered when we don’t want them to see how messy the rest of the house is!

    fall decor

    I got this cute bucket from Walmart!

    cotton stems in a vase

    A throw back for Joanna Gaines, these cotton stems look great on the bookshelf.


    fall centerpiece

    I realized while taking this picture that I really need one more pumpkin on the tray to make it even. Bummer.

    I love these candle holders (Hobby Lobby again!). I use them for many holidays.

    Family Room:

    metal pumpkin

    I don’t usually decorate as much in the Family Room because we use it as a very functional, every day space.

    But I really loved this metal pumpkin (can you guess from where?), so I thought I would put it here by the couch so I would see it every day. Top it off with a couple of Magnolia books and we are done!

    We don’t go overboard with our decorations, but I like to decorate for each season on the homestead. Each season has it’s own special holidays and activities. Fall just happens to be my favorite, so it makes it even more fun.

    We will be carving the pumpkins towards the end of the month. If you need pumpkin carving or decorating ideas, check out this post —> 18 Creative DIY Pumpkin Carving Ideas for the Whole Family.

    Thank you for taking the time to peek into our homestead this fall. I hope it gave you ideas about decorating your own home.

    And yes, I must admit I have a Hobby Lobby addiction. Sshh. . . Don’t tell my husband!

    fall decor pin

    How do you decorate for fall? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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