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    Keto for Homesteaders: The Diet Plan That Fits My Lifestyle

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    Have you tried many diets in your life? Me too.

    I was always thin as a kid and young adult. But after I had my 3 boys, I had a hard time getting back to a healthy weight again.

    Diets failed for me because I always got too hungry. I just couldn’t sustain them long term.

    I still struggle with that for keto, because it isn’t as convenient as eating whatever is available.

    As I am writing this, I am recommitting to go all in on keto this week.

    When I am on keto, I feel better physically and mentally. So let’s talk about the basics.

    What is keto?

    The ketogenic diet is a high fat, medium protein, low carb way of eating.

    When you eat like this for several days, you body is put into ketosis.

    When you are in ketosis, your body burns fat for energy, helping you lose weight.

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    6 Ways Keto and Homesteading Are A Great Fit:

    Keto and homesteading can go hand in hand. Yes, you will have to give up fresh bread and baked potatoes, but you get so much back in return.

    So, let’s go over how keto and homesteading go together.

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    1. I eat lots of eggs-

    Eggs are a staple in a keto diet. You can eat scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs and other egg based foods. And as homesteaders, we usually have eggs in abundance from backyard chickens. That means that you have a cheap source of food that is healthy and encouraged on a keto diet.

    2. Bacon is my friend-

    I love bacon. I wish I could have a pig, but we aren’t ready for that yet. But homesteaders that have their own pigs can make their own bacon for the keto diet. So amazing!

    3. Cut the chemicals-

    As homesteaders, we try to cut chemicals from our diet and homes. On the keto diet, you should be eating real food, not processed alternatives. This highly correlates with a homesteading philosophy.

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    4. Good fat is king-

    Besides bacon, the keto diet encourages other healthy fats as a big part of your diet, including butter, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, cheese, etc. Healthy fats, not processed fats, are key to the keto diet.

    5. I’m not as hungry-

    This way of eating keeps you full longer because of the amount of fat you are eating. So you are eating real food, but less of it. In fact, I usually eat a big breakfast and dinner, but I’m not hungry for lunch so I skip it. It is easier to stick to a way of eating for longer when you are full all day long.

    6. I have more energy-

    Once I am in ketosis, I find I have much more energy throughout the day. No more sugar spikes or sleepy afternoons.

    The burning of fat keeps my energy levels the same all day long. That helps me get more work done around the homestead without taking snack breaks.

    I will be sharing my keto transformation in another post, but I wanted to talk about this now because I think it is important to realize.

    You can be a homesteader without homemade bread, potatoes and rice. You aren’t a homesteader because of what you do or do not eat.

    Homesteading is a way of life that can incorporate many things: gardening, food preservation, raising farm animals, cooking real food, emergency preparedness and other skills.

    If you need to lose weight to feel better and be around longer for your family, you should consider keto as not only a diet, but a way of life.

    It is a hard transition, but you will feel better after just a few days. And then you will become healthier and have more energy to get your homesteading goals accomplished.

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    Have you tried the keto diet? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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