15 Healthy Habits: Changing A Little At A Time

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In 2017, I wrote a post each month with one healthy habit that I thought I could change to live a healthier life.

It seems like so many of us want to make these grand changes to our eating or lifestyle and make big plans that never stick.

If I can’t resist the cookies set out on the office breakroom table, how am I going to go on a low carb diet?

I may be able to restrict myself for a short amount of time with willpower and motivation. But those things don’t last forever, and then I’m right back where I started.

So today, I want to share with you those 12 habits I wrote about back then. I included the links so you can go back and read those posts of the habits you are interested in working on.

I am also adding 3 more habits that I think are important to a healthy life and vital to weight loss. They will be at the bottom of the list.

These are not ground breaking ideas. Most of these are things you already know you should be doing, but just don’t want to.

And to that I say, how important is your health to you? Only you can answer that question.

15 Healthy Habits: Changing A Little At A Time

1. Ditch the Soda

Soda (even diet soda) is not a healthy drink for many reasons, and affects many parts of your body negatively including: weight, brain, kidneys, digestive system, bones, heart, lungs and teeth. It is an addiction that can be hard to cure, but it is worth the effort.

2. Shake the Sugar

Sugar is addictive and comes in many varieties. It can reek havoc on your body and mood. While it isn’t practical to cut it out completely, the less sugar you can eat, the better.

3. Cut Out The Processed Food

Processed food is something we should be wary of these days. I am defining processed food as anything with 5 or more ingredients, most of which have ingredients that cannot be pronounced or easily understood. Food that can’t be found in nature and typically comes in a box or can. This is the type of “food” we need to limit in our daily lives.

4. Pay Attention To Portions

Eating the proper serving size, or portion, is key to staying healthy. Portion control is a difficult habit to start because we are used to eating as much as we want whenever we want. If we eat out, it is even worse because we want the most food for our money, even if we don’t need it.

5. Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

We grew up thinking that eating fat makes you fat, but it simply isn’t true. Check out the list of healthy fats and think about adding one or two to your diet. You might just find you feel better and more full than with their low fat alternatives.

6. Eat The Rainbow

When eating fruits and vegetables, try to eat a variety of colors. Fruits and vegetables get their color from the micronutrients they contain. This is why it’s critical to eat all the colors of the rainbow − the vitamins and phytonutrients responsible for providing color vary in each and every plant source.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of health. It is the time our bodies have to process food and regenerate for the next day. It is usually recommended that adults get between 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night. I find that 8 hours is just about right, but you can experiment and see what works for you.

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8. Exercise Should Be A Daily Priority

There are atleast 15 reasons why you should exercise daily for health. This doesn’t have to be at the gym, but anywhere you push your body to reach a physical goal.

9. Eat Less Meat

The quality of your meat is more important than the quantity. I don’t think there is any problem with good meat, but it is getting more expensive and hard to find. To save money and your health, eat less meat.

10. Dump Your Late Night Snack

Late night snacking is usually mindless eating. You are in front of the tv eating and all of the sudden that bag of chips is gone. If you are hungry, either eat more at dinner or go to bed.

11. Take A Multivitamin Everyday

Are you eating enough of the right foods to get all of the vitamins your body needs? If not, a multivitamin can help you fill in the gaps of your nutrition.

12. Probiotics for Gut Health

Many people say the source of health starts in the gut. I don’t know if that is completely true, but you gut does regulate much of your health. Help it out by taking probiotics daily.

13. Drink More Water

Water helps your body run efficiently and flushes out extra weight and toxins. Drinking several glasses of water a day will help you feel hydrated, curb appetite and make your skin look awesome!

14. Eat When You’re Hungry, Stop When You’re Full

This kind of goes along with #4, but before you eat your portions make sure your body is hungry. Don’t just eat because it is part of your schedule or someone else tells you it is time. Eat when your body is ready for more fuel. Then stop when you are satisfied, not stuffed.

15. Meal Plan and Prep for Success

Thinking about our food ahead of time helps us make better choices. If we plan our meals for the week and then prepare some or all of it before, we are more likely not to stop by the drive thru or have a pizza delivered because we don’t know what to eat. It takes away some of the frustration and excuses when we are trying to eat healthy.

I know many of these things might seem simple. And they are.

But making these simple changes in our lives and sticking to them every day can make a big difference in our health over the year.

I wish you luck in this new year and in all your goals or resolutions for 2019.

I am recommitting to do these things myself as well. Let’s get healthy together!

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Which one of these healthy habits do you want to tackle first? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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