16 Brilliant Vegetable Gardening Hacks From Planting to Harvest

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I love gardening, but sometimes it is just hard.

You work so hard planting, watering and weeding all summer just hoping that you will get a good harvest.

I want to help you get the best garden harvest you can for your family.

So today I searched the internet (who are we kidding, Pinterest) for the best gardening hacks to help you have a great harvest!

wooden garden markers

16 Brilliant Vegetable Gardening Hacks From Planting to Harvest

Egg Shell Seed Starters @ Gluesticks Blog

Add Baking Soda To Tomatoes @ The Plant Guide

Milk Jug Hot Caps @ Family Food Secure

Reuse Boiling Water @ Ashfeed

DIY Seed Tape @ Gardening Viral

Using Epsom Salt in the Garden @ Creative Homemaking

Vegetable Labels to Organize Your Garden @ Our Provident Homestead

Bottle Drip Irrigation @ Provident Living

DIY Mobile Phone Holder @ Empress of Dirt

Deep Mulch Method of Gardening @ Our Provident Homestead

How to Cure & Harvest Onions @ My Favorite Things

How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically @ The Kitchen Garten

Recycle Coffee Grounds in the Garden @ Good Food

Planting Herbs in Containers @ Shine Your Light

Easy Photo Album Seed Organizer @ Fresh Eggs Daily

How to Kill Weeds Using Vinegar @ Balcony Garden Web

I hope these tips help you grow a vegetable garden that will prosper with too much food for your family to eat!

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Do you have any gardening hacks to share? Please let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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  1. Emma @ Misfit Gardening

    Cardboard mulch to take care of weeds in a large area and heavy mulch on all the garden beds. I can deal with the bugs much better because I save time not weeding so much and not needing to water as much.

    I also plant very intensive, high production raised beds so I get more out of the space and the veggies growing shade out the weeds too.

    Never heard about baking soda for tomatoes so I’m checking that out! Thanks for sharing this!

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