9 Sporty Baseball Crafts To Make In The Off Season

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We are towards the end of our baseball season here.

My youngest son is on two teams (at the same time) in Little League. My older son played high school baseball which ended before school got out.

My two older sons are umpiring for little league as well, so life is busy.

As you can tell, we love baseball at our house. To me, baseball and summer go hand in hand.

I love sitting at the ball fields on May and June evenings and watch my boys play (or umpire) baseball.

I want to represent this family past time by using baseballs in our summer home decor.

So today, I want to share with you the baseball crafts I found online (who are we kidding, Pinterest!).

bucket of baseballs

9 Sporty Baseball Crafts To Make In The Off Season

Baseball Bracelet @ Life in Left Field

You Stole My Heart Baseball Printable @ Sportsmom Survival Guide

Baseball Lamp @ Saw It, Made It

Baseball Cross Coach Gift @ A Diamond In The Stuff

Baseball Keychain @ Sports Roses

DIY Baseball Wreath @ Life in Left Field

Baseball Handprint Gift @ The Kindergarten Connection

DIY Baseball Curtain Rod Ends @ Trish Sutton

DIY Baseball Bookends @ Virginia Sweet Pea

I just love these baseball ideas. You can use old baseballs for these projects, buy new cheap baseballs or even use baseballs that your kids have kept from games (homeruns, etc).

You can also get your kids involved in these crafts, give them to coaches or as Father’s Day gifts.

I hope this list has helped get your baseball craft creative juices flowing. I know I am ready to chop up a baseball and make it into something new and fun.

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Which one of these crafts is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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