17 Cool DIY Chicken Coop Ideas for Your Birds

2 chickens in front of a chicken coop

I love looking at other people’s homesteads to see what they are doing differently than I am.

One thing that always fascinates me is the chicken coop.

Some people get super fancy with signs, drapes and the whole nine yards.

Others just use an old car or a pieced together shed for a coop.

Today I wanted to share with you some ideas I found on Pinterest for amazing chicken coops to give you an idea of what is possible.

chicken standing in the door of a chicken coop

17 Cool DIY Chicken Coop Ideas for Your Birds:

Red Wooden Chicken Coop @ Scenes From The Wild

Urban Planter Chicken Coop @ Landscape & Urbanism

Converting A Shed Into A Chicken Coop @ Simple Living Country Gal

Shed Chicken Coop @ Ana White

Simple Chicken Coop @ Fresh Eggs Daily

Permanent Hoop Coop Guide @ Backyard Chickens

Trampoline Chicken Coop Plans Easy DIY @ The Whoot

Red Barn Small Chicken Coop @ Instructables

Blue Coop with Side Yard @ Home Decor

Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop Plan @ Backyard Chickens

Cute Little House Chicken Coop @ Trevor Made

Cape Cod Chicken Coop @ Country Living

Chicken Coop/Bunny Hutch Combo @ Redeem Your Ground

Red, White and Blue Coop @ Coop & Home

Free Chicken Coop Plans @ The Creative Mom

Chez Poulet Coop @ Heather Bullard

How to Build A Chicken Coop From Pallets @ A Vision to Remember

Don’t these coops look so fun! There are so many great ideas out there for every budget.

I am going to spruce up our coop this year with the ideas I found here. I love the signs and I think we need a new coat of paint as well.

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So I hope these chicken coop ideas were helpful for you and your homestead. We want our chickens to be happy and healthy in their home environment.

Which coop ideas do you like best? Let us know in the comments below. And if this post was helpful, please share. Thanks!

If you are thinking about getting chicks this spring, I have prepared a free class called “Taking Care of Baby Chicks” that will walk you through taking care of chickens from chick to hen. I hope it helps you get the confidence to raise chickens on your own.

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