Celebrating the Seasons of Homesteading All Year Long

a beautiful summer day with a dirt road, green grass and blue cloudy sky

Does it feel like you are always looking forward to the next thing? Are you always waiting for something better to come along?

Looking forward to and planning for the future is a good thing, but it can come at a price.

The price is not enjoying what is going on now, in whatever season you are in.

So today, I wanted to help you celebrate each season throughout the year so you can appreciate whatever season you are in!


a pile of firewood with snow on it

Things I love about winter:

  • Time of rest
  • Dream of the new year
  • Make goals for the new year
  • Catch up on indoor projects
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Eat the food you stored for winter
  • Cozy up with a book by the wood stove

How to prepare for winter:

  • Make sure your animals are prepared for winter
  • Clean up the garden and cover with cover crop or mulch
  • Get enough firewood stacked to make it thru the winter
  • Decorate for the holidays
  • Stock your pantry with food for the winter
  • Look around your house and see what projects need to be done inside


a tan calf in a green field

Things I love about spring:

  • New life comes alive (plants and animals)
  • There is a hope of an awesome year.
  • The weather gets warmer
  • We can start going outside without a coat
  • You can quit making a fire everyday and open the windows instead

How to prepare for spring:

  • Plan your garden for the new year
  • Clean out your animal stalls/coops and air everything out
  • Order seed and start plants indoors
  • Order new chicks (if needed) to replenish your flock
  • Turn on the irrigation water and check the pipes for leaks
  • Prepare your garden beds for planting


a radish planted in a garden

Things I love about summer:

  • Everything is busy on the homestead
  • We start to see the fruits of our labor in the garden
  • Long days to get stuff done
  • Warm weather
  • I have extra help from the kids
  • You can sit out at night and enjoy the peace and quiet

How to prepare for summer:

  • Get your seeds planted in late spring
  • Set up a plan to water all summer long
  • Make a chore plan to get everything done in the mornings and evenings
  • Make room in your pantry and freezer for extra produce and eggs.


a woman holding out red apples

Things I love about fall:

  • Harvest
  • Cooler weather
  • Canning and food preservation
  • Seeing the canned jars lining the pantry shelves
  • Changing colors on the trees

How to prepare for fall:

  • Keep up with the harvest by checking on your garden every day
  • Weed your garden every day so the task isn’t too overwhelming
  • Make room in your pantry for produce and canned foods
  • Harvest your fruit trees before the birds and bugs get your fruit

The point I want to make with this post is that every season has its good things and bad things. But every season has something to look forward to and enjoy while we are in that season. So don’t keep hoping so much for the next season that you forget to enjoy the season you are in! I’ll keep reminding myself that as well when I am ready to plant in the spring but it is still too cold and windy outside.

What is your favorite season and why? Let us know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this post, please share! Thanks!

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