12 Creative Raised Bed Ideas for Your Garden

raised bed garden full of lettuce

I am so excited that it is finally spring! Soon it will be time to get out in the garden and get growing!

In our yard, we do a mix of raised beds and row gardening. Most everything we grow in raised beds because we have clay soil. The only exceptions are corn, sunflowers and pumpkins because they need more room to spread out.

If you are thinking about building a raised bed garden, you are in the right place. I am going to share with you some great, creative ideas that you can use in your yard this year.

Why are raised beds ideal for gardening?

  1. You can control the soil. You don’t have to worry about the soil you currently have. You can buy the perfect soil for your plants and get started growing right away.
  2. They make your garden look neat and orderly. Row gardening can have wasted space between rows and sometimes it is hard to know where to step. With raised beds, you can make neat rows so you always have a pathway between your beds to walk.
  3. You can get creative with recycled materials. As you will see below, you can make raised beds out of metal, wood, brick, or anything else you have laying around for a cheap project.
  4. It makes weeding easier. If you build up your raised beds, it is easier to weed because you don’t have to reach all the way down to the ground. You can also build in a bench to sit on while you weed if you want to.

a raised bed full of squash in the garden

12 Creative Raised Bed Ideas for Your Garden:

The Prairie Homestead Garden Tour 2017 by Jill Winger: I love the garden design Jill (and her husband) set up in their garden. I love the look of the corrugated metal beds and wooden fence. It looks like a great place to grow food and enjoy being in the garden at the same time.

Building Raised Beds for Gardening with Danelle @ Weed’em & Reap: This is a simple, easy to follow along with tutorial about building raised beds with new wood and materials.

How to Design a Potager Garden @ Grow Veg: I love the idea of a beautiful potager garden. It would not only be productive and useful, but beautiful and peaceful as well. A real oasis in your backyard.

How to Make A Raised Garden Bed with Concrete Blocks @ Get Busy Gardening: This is a great idea because it is quick, easy and cheap. You can find concrete blocks to recycle for free and installation is easy. You can even grow flowers in the blocks around the sides of the box or build a bench to sit on while weeding.

Season 5, Episode 12 of Fixer Upper by Joanna Gaines: I am so sad this show is over, and this garden renovation was one of my favorites. Not only do I love how the raised beds look, I love the overall feel of this garden. I love all of the touches from the gravel and brick pathways, garden “shed”, chicken coop and chicken path around the garden and so much more. This would be my dream garden if I could have it! Amazing!

Build A Raised Beg Garden with Pallet Crates @ Always Something Home: This is a great idea! I love pallet projects and this would make the beds pretty cheap. It would make them taller than normal beds which would make weeding easier.

Creating A Raised Bed Garden with Metal Water Troughs @ Cynthia Weber Design: This is something that I think looks so neat and tidy for a garden. We are seriously thinking of using these for our vegetable garden in the future. The only downside is cost. Depending on the size of the troughs, they run around $100-200 a piece and you would have to have many of them to have a large garden. But they would be easy because you just place the trough, fill it with dirt and plant. It could be done in a day or weekend.

Build A Raised Bed with Stone Pavers @ Pet Scribbles: I like the look of these beds. They would blend in better to the rest of the landscape of the house and seem more permanent. It would be better if you could find some recycled pavers, otherwise it could get expensive. But they should last longer than wood and can be shaped into more curvy shapes.

U Shaped Raised Bed Garden by Brittany Stager: This design works well because it makes it easy to access all of the garden space. It also maximizes more growing space with the bottom of the U.

Build Your Own Elevated Raised Garden Bed @ Wisconsin Mommy: This is a great idea for anyone that may not want to bend over to weed or that may want to have a garden on a porch or patio. It will also keep weeds (and animals) from sneaking in your beds as often.

Two Tiered Raised Garden Beds @ Saws on Skates: This is a cool design that allows you to have veggies in the large part and flowers or herbs in the smaller part. What a great idea!

Raised Boxes on a Hillside @ My Square Foot Garden: If you have a sloped backyard, it can be hard to find a place to put a garden. This is post shows you just how to do that and how to grow alot of food in this type of space.

As you can see, there are many different types of raised beds you can build for your garden. Don’t let space or cost make you put it off for another year.

What do you use to make your raised garden beds? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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