Top 20 Must Read Homesteading Blogs of 2018

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I love reading other homesteading blogs. I love to see what others are accomplishing in the homesteading community.

In this post I listed my top 20 homesteading blogs of 2017.

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While several of these blogs are on the list from last year, I want to introduce you to a few awesome blogs I have found since the time I wrote that post.

These are my top 20 favorite homesteading blogs of 2018:

The Elliott Homestead

Shaye @ wrote an awesome book called “Welcome to the Farm” in addition to her 2 Table Books. Her blog is fun and informative with great photography as well. She just got a show on Food Network called “Homestead Table” which was really good.

The Prairie Homestead

Jill @ is a fun writer with a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to homesteading. She has written several e-books about natural homesteading and enjoys using essential oils often in her homestead.

Reformation Acres

Quinn @ has a very informative and beautiful blog where she talks about homesteading life. She also has an amazing Etsy shop where she sells homemade goods and products. She also recently developed the Smartsteader App that helps you keep track of homesteading expenses and production.

Melissa K Norris

Melissa @ runs a blog, podcast and Academy that shares her wealth of knowledge on homesteading topics such as gardening, animals and preserving food. I love Melissa’s blog and Facebook videos that are so instructive. She recently published her 2nd book: Handmade.

The Rustic Elk

Danielle @ writes her blog to inspire others to homestead, even as she is struggling to find her own ideal homestead.

Imperfectly Happy Homesteading

Tiffany @ shares her triumphs and struggles about homesteading, homeschooling and everything she is learning along the way. She also posts a weekly list of free kindle books on homesteading topics.

The 104 Homestead

Jessica @ has a wide variety of homesteading topics on her blog, but she seems to love her goats the most. She also has written several helpful e-books.


Riley @ writes and edits this magazine type website that also has other contributors for a well rounded view of homesteading.

Attainable Sustainable

Kris @ shares her triumphs and struggles of her homestead in Hawaii.

Our Simple Homestead

Tracy Lynn @ helps her readers do what she and her husband did-get out of the rat race and back to the simple life on their homestead.

Common Sense Homestead

Laurie @ discusses homesteading, gardening, home remedies and health in her informational blog. She also has written e-books about these topics.

The Grow Network

Marjory @ is very knowledgeable about the homesteading lifestyle, but also emphasizes non traditional health and healthcare information. She sells several DVDs and online courses.

Fresh Eggs Daily

Lisa @ loves to talk about her chickens, but she is so much more than that! She has a tv show, several books and makes appearances around the country speaking to people about raising chickens.

Weed Em And Reap

Danielle @ has transformed her life and diet by growing her own food and raising her own animals. She does this on a one acre urban farm. She also has some great videos on homesteading topics on her YouTube channel.

Piwakawaka Valley

Dana @ is a homesteader in New Zealand. And not only does she do all the homesteading stuff, but she is also a homeschooling mom of 3 and is a weekend nurse. Amazing!

Simple Living Country Gal

Tracy Lynn @ is a goat and gardening lover. She is a city girl turned homesteader just like me! We actually met at a conference this year and it was so fun!

The Fewell Homestead

Amy @ is an author, blogger, homesteader and the founder of Homesteaders of America. She lives in Virginia and blogs about homesteading, homemaking and being a Christian.

Pampered Chicken Mama (aka The Frugal Chicken)

Maat @ is an authority on backyard chicken keeping and homesteading. She has been featured in several media outlets and has a YouTube channel.

A Chick & Her Garden

Staci @ shares her homesteading journey as she learns how to raise chickens, grow a garden and much more.

Souly Rested

Michelle @ has a great philosophy on homestead learning and failure. She is also really knowledgeable about maple syrup and how to get your hands on it. A little birdie told me her book, Sweet Maple, will be on book shelves in Oct. 2019. How exciting!

These blogs have given me instruction and motivation over the years. It is always fun to see what others are doing that are similar to what you are doing. Supporting others in their homesteading journeys is a priority of mine. Some of these bloggers have been my mentors when I was just learning homesteading. But no matter if they are new or old, each has an unique voice that can help their readers move forward.

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Is your favorite blog on the list? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Michelle

    Awwww, thanks for including me in your list, Julie! It’s a fantastic round up of all the best; I too follow most of these. (And I need to check into the few I don’t!)

    1. Julie @ Our Provident Homestead

      You’re very welcome!

  2. Quinn

    So honored to have made your list!! Thank you! ❤️

    1. Julie @ Our Provident Homestead

      love your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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