A Day in the Life of a Homesteader: Winter Edition

a photo of a snow yard with mountains in the distance.

This winter has been kinda strange on our homestead.

If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know we haven’t gotten much snow at all this season. Very strange for SW Colorado.

In this post, I gave you a day in the life of a homesteader during the summer.

So today, I want to show you a “typical” day for me on the homestead in the winter time.

Of course, it is hard to say typical because with 2 blogs, 3 kids and a homestead, nothing is really typical.

Today is a normal school day, so we wake up about 6 am. I wake the boys up at 6:30am. I check emails on the computer and schedule social media posts.

My husband gets ready and leaves for work about 7:15-7:30 am.

The 2 older boys get up and get ready for the day. They leave to go to seminary (a religious class at our church before school) at 7:30am.

The younger one gets up about the time they leave and gets ready for school. We leave to take him to school at 8:30.

My oldest boy has just recently started homeschool, so while the middle son goes to high school (starts at 9am) after seminary, the oldest now meets me at the rec center to workout in the mornings.

a photo of the cortez rec center

I love having this time with him and it has helped me make exercise a part of my daily routine. I haven’t ever really been good at that before. It is so much easier with a buddy!

a photo of the inside of a rec center indoor walking track

Usually, after the workout, I go home to shower, have breakfast and start working on blog stuff.

But today, I needed to drive out to my husband’s work (which is 30 minutes away) on the reservation and take him a package he needed.

So, by the time I got home it was 11 am. Forget breakfast, I’ll just have an early lunch!

I recently started the Keto diet, so I am now eating low carb, medium protein and high fat. So for lunch, I just had some meatballs with ranch dressing.

After my shower and food, I sat down at the computer to work on my blog post. I think to myself, “How did the morning get away from me?”

I check on the animals outside (the boys take turns with animal and other chores around the house so I wasn’t worried). It has been really cold outside at night, but they are doing well. We are breeding the rabbits for Easter, but it is hard to tell yet if she is pregnant.

My youngest meets me at the orthodontist (he walked over from school) to get a new retainer at 1:30pm.

I go to the appointment, then on the way home we go to Maverik (gas station) to get a drink. I haven’t been drinking much soda lately, but I really needed a boost today!

When I get home, I find out that the rental car that have been driving for over a month (I hit a deer in December with my truck) needs to be turned in today. So I have my oldest clean it out for me.

I get back on the computer for an hour to try to get some more work done.

At 3pm, I take my youngest (he stayed home after the appointment because it was an early release day) to a friends house to hang out.

Then I pick up the middle child from the high school and we go shopping at Walmart.

After an hour and buying too much stuff, we head home.

I take my oldest son with me (so he can give me a ride home) to the car rental place to drop off the rental car.

I hope I get my truck back tomorrow. I never dreamed it would be in the shop for over a month, but the holidays put a kink in everything.

Here’s a cute picture of our dog Anna!


At 6 pm I make dinner for the family. It was yummy!

This was a new recipe for me on the Keto diet. It was a little more time consuming than I like recipes to be, but it was great. You can try out the recipe here—> Bacon Cheeseburger Cauliflower Casserole.

While I make dinner, my middle son makes a fire in the wood stove.

Then at 7pm, my husband and kids go up to the church for Wednesday night activities. Finally, peace and quiet at the house. Maybe I’ll actually get something done now!

While they are gone I work on the computer some more. Then I am ready to start quieting down for the night.

I decide to make some Keto bulletproof hot chocolate. This is my first time on this recipe too. You can get it here—> Bulletproof Hot Cocoa.

I sat down to watch one of my favorite shows, yesterday’s episode of Fixer Upper. I have the cat on my lap, a hot cup in my hand and I am ready to relax!

They get home about 9pm and I am feeling like I am ready to go to bed! What a day!

The dog was already asleep too!

We actually end up going to bed about 10pm, which is normal for us. I need my 8 hours a night to be a good person during the day!

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So that’s it! It was a crazy, busy, unglamorous day. Sometimes I just feel like a taxi driver, but it is a good life. I am thankful for my busy boys and this homesteader life we live. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thanks for coming along with me today!

winter homestead pin

How is your winter going? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks!

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