The Ultimate List of Facebook Groups for Homesteaders

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead

Sometimes being a homesteader can be lonely. Whether you live in the country, isolated from the world or in the city where no one understands your dreams; homesteading can get hard if you don’t have a support system.

Having an in person support system is best. If you have a spouse, family or friends that get your goals and dreams, that is awesome. We need that help and appreciation for homesteading skills that can sometimes be hard.

It’s hard to grow and preserve your own food instead of going to get it at the grocery store.

It’s hard to raise animals, especially in the winter where it seems like all you are doing is giving without receiving anything in return.

It’s hard to live within your means when you see so many others that are maxing out their credit cards for Christmas.

So how do we find people that understand what we are going through?

One way is through Facebook groups.

Now I know, some of you are going to say that social media is bad and that you shouldn’t waste your time. And you would be right. Social media can make you crazy when all it seems people do is talk about politics and make negative comments about each other.

But Facebook can be a great tool to use to find people (around the world) that have your same beliefs and goals. When you feel isolated (by geography or ideals), Facebook groups can be a great place to ask questions and get feedback from people that understand you.

So today, I just wanted to make a list of Facebook groups that I am aware for homesteaders and homesteading topics. I want this to be a helpful resource to find help on the topics you need and find community online. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead

Facebook Groups for Homesteaders:

Provident Homesteading– This is the group I run for this blog. This group discusses homesteading topics, including but not limited to: gardening, raising animals, homemaking, emergency preparedness and healthy living.

Groups I am a part of:

The Homestead Front Porch– The official Facebook Group for The Modern Homesteading Podcast. This is a gathering place for folks who want to kick back, grab a coffee, iced tea or lemonade and discuss all things homesteading. Share articles, ask questions, share your homesteading pictures or just hang out and have fun.

Homestead Homemaking– This group is a CHRISTIAN BASED group about HOMEMAKING. Homemaking includes house cleaning, home keeping, motherhood, marriage, gardening, skillsets, and building relationships (and all of the emotions you go through while doing it).

Backyard Butchery for Homesteads and Sustainability– Welcome to Backyard Butchery for Homestead and Sustainability. be courteous and all will be well.

Chickens, Chickens, Chickens– This group is for those who raise chickens for eggs, meat or/and pets. We don’t discriminate. The goal is to learn and share and be apart of a community of people who have a common interest in chickens as well as other poultry. 

Instant Pot Community– Here you can interact with the international community of Instant Pot users to ask questions, post unique recipes, get useful tips and generally share the joy of cooking with this revolutionary multi-cooker.

Instant Pot Cooks (All Pots Welcome)– Welcome to our group! We are a “learning/teaching” group for electric pressure cookers, and will do our best to answer your questions! Please keep all posts related to this topic.

Farming and Homesteading in Southwestern US– This group is ONLY for members in the Four Corners Area of the Southwestern US who like to share or learn any information about farming or homesteading.

Homesteading and Gardening– Homesteading & Gardening is a place where you can share your journey in gardening, raising livestock or even sharing your recipes. 

Homesteading– This group is for off the griders, alternative energy enthusiasts, and back to landers. It is for lovers of self sufficiency, ecology, natural environments, and minimal impacts.

Homestead & Heritage Cooking — This encouraging community, run by Jill Winger, of The Prairie Homestead, and Michelle Visser, of SoulyRested, is a perfect place to gain amazing new (old) recipes and talk all about traditional ways of making food from scratch.

Other Groups by Category:

This list will include the group’s name, link and posted description.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead


The Round About Farm– Personal Blog that shares our journey from Suburban Life to Life at Round About Farm. Homesteading, Homeschooling, Shipping Container Home, Animals, and so much more.

Homestead Anywhere

Modern Homesteading has nothing to do with how much land you own. Homesteading is a way of life, a mindset. Homestead Anywhere is here to support, encourage and inspire you on your journey to self sufficiency and self reliance. Join us today.

OHH Homesteading Community– Welcome to our homesteading community, whether you live on an urban homestead, a farm or ranch, or just wish you could.

Simple Living and Modern Homesteading Community– A community of helpful messages and support for those looking to navigate the world of simple living and modern homesteading. From-scratch recipes, helpful hints, frugal living ideas and much more. This group is open to any kind of “homesteader” whether you live in the big city or in a rural area.

Rose Hill Homestead– Embracing a suburban homestead lifestyle for over 30 years! Chickens, rabbits, gardens, canning, cooking, baking, soap making, sewing, knitting, crochet; it all keeps us very busy. Former owners of Woodhaven Soaps, a company we retired after five wonderful years.

Mamas on the Homestead– Mamas on the Homestead is a brand new group (as of May 2017) with the purpose of bringing together homesteading mamas for sharing ideas and offering encouragement.

Plain and Simple Recipes, Gardening, Canning, Preserving & Crafting– This is a group for like minded people that like vintage ,recipes, gardening, canning , preserving and crafting.

Frugal Homesteading– Welcome?This is a group for frugal homesteading, not wealthy “gentleman farmers”. We welcome active homesteaders as well as planners and dreamers. ? Here we can share information on all aspects of farming our homestead in the least expensive way possible.

Small Acreage Sustainability & Homestead Living– This group was created with the intent of connecting people who are interested in the Small Acreage, Sustainability & the Homestead lifestyle, craft sharing, off grid living, backyard and container gardening & small livestock operations.

Old Paths to New Homesteading & Self-Reliant Living– This group was formed to join like-minded people who are living the Homesteading Dream or desire to begin the journey. We are salt-of-the-earth people who value a handshake and still consider a man’s word is as good as a contract. We believe in being good stewards of the land and we harvest our own food.

Essential Homestead Community– A group to share our homesteading, homeschooling, essential oil, canning recipes and more. A place to grow and learn from each other. I hope you’ll participate and invite other homesteaders.

Sonlit Acres– We live on a small southern Vermont Homestead. We raise Chickens for pastured Eggs and meat, along with Cattle and pigs for our own use. We also raise a very large garden which we preserve annually. Returning to more simplified living is not the easy way out as many think it is. It requires work and many times long days in the fields or woods. Join us here and visit about your adventure as we continue in ours.

Self-Sufficiency Homesteading, Off Grid Living and Survival Prepping– Welcome, all who live lifestyles of, and those who want to learn more about Self-Sufficiency, Homesteading, Off-Grid,Survival, Prepping, Frugal Living. Livestock, Foraging, Bush crafting, Carpentry, Gardening, Cooking, Canning, Preserving and Storing Food. DIY, Home-making, Crafting, Natural Health.This group is moderated to maintain a friendly, encouraging atmosphere where we can share and learn from each other.We encourage other to share this group with like minded others.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead


Chicken Chat– This is a group for all things poultry! New and veteran chickens owners can come here to share pictures (yes please!) discuss chicken matters, and find solutions to any problems you may have.

American Guinea Hogs– Guinea Hogs are a small breed of hogs, much smaller than standard hogs. Guinea Hogs will reach their full size at about 2 or 3 years of age, topping out at approximately 175 to 275 lbs…..a perfect size for the small farm, hobby farm or homestead. They are noted for their small size, intelligence, docile and friendly temperaments, and their ability to produce outstanding meat and flavorful lard on basic pasture and forage.

Scott’s Backyard Chickens– Welcome to Scott’s Backyard Chickens. This is not a ‘pet only’ chicken group. If that bothers you, don’t click the join button. There are members who keep pets and those who keep livestock, respect each other or you’ll be removed.

Backyard Chickens– DRAMA FREE, safe page, family friendly, clean language, and CHICKEN related forum for those of us wanting to learn more about chickens and share our knowledge of chickens.

Barnyard Chickens and More– All about Chickens and other barnyard animals and having fun and more. But I will warn ya, the barnyard is very addictive. We have a blast and a lot of nice folks with no Drama.

Chickens, Chickens What the Cluck– This group is for beginners who have questions and experienced who might have the answers to anything chicken.

Rabbits 4 Sale, Questions and Talk– This is a group to sell rabbits, or ask questions. If you put a rabbit up for sale it needs to have its location (state and city) and it’s price. This is a no drama tolerated group so let’s all act like adults.

The Pet Rabbit Advice Page– A group set up for rabbit advice that welcomes pet owners and hobby breeders alike. Whether you have a beloved pet rabbit, are breeding as a hobby or to show, you are very much welcome here, as long as you respect the views of others and are not rude to other members.

Angora Rabbits– Discuss the cutest rabbits of all, Angora rabbits! Spinning, breeding, genetics, care, and environment; all subjects welcome. We share information about English Angora rabbits, French Angora rabbits, Giant Angora rabbits, Satin Angora rabbits, and German Angora rabbits.

Meat Rabbits for Beginners– This group exists to help educate people getting started raising rabbits, show rabbits or pets.There are just a two of us who take care of the site and answer questions. To make this work for everyone we have a few rules.

Meat Rabbits in Colonies– This group shares knowledge of methods for raising rabbits in communal structures referred to as rabbit “colonies”. This group also shares images and engages in discussions of the death and dismemberment of rabbits for the purpose of human consumption. If you find this offensive, DO NOT request to be added to the group roster.

Backyard Meat Rabbits– This is a MEAT rabbit group. We breed and grow rabbits to be EATEN by both humans and animals. We see rabbits as LIVESTOCK.

Show Cattle, Club Lambs and Show Pigs– This page is for livestock, sheep, goats, cattle and hogs. Commercial breeders are also welcome. You are more than welcome to post livestock equipment for sale as well. Sales and breeding are welcome!!!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats-Dairy Side– This group was created to discuss conformation, milk and genetic improvements LA/ DHIR/DNA and SG programs. It also includes discussion on showing and tips. We love show win and milking awards brags.

Goat Milk Groupies– All things Goat milk related. Cheese, soaps, lotion & foods. Share recipes, tips. Even talk about Dairy goats.

Goat Vet Corner– Goat Vet Corner is a place to ask questions of veterinarians and get a veterinary perspective on your goats’ medical and health needs. Only vets answer questions, not members (read the pinned post for rules).

Women in Beekeeping– Women in Beekeeping is an online gathering of bee-loving ladies. Sharing info, stories, advice and encouragement. From novice to pro, we welcome you!

Beekeeping for Beginners– Beekeeping for Beginners is a group where you can learn more about beekeeping, ask questions from experienced beekeepers, and hopefully even learn something new if you’ve been beekeeping for years.

Beekeeping Basics– Catering to the new beekeeper in all of us. Basic beekeeping practices are encouraged, but all beekeeping discussions are welcomed.

Beekeeper Builders Corner– Safe friendly place to post your pics, ask DUMB questions, show off your projects, teach each other how to SAVE money, help others not make the same mistakes you have made, collaborate on wood projects relating to beekeeping! Have fun, no POLLENTICS!

The Backyard Butcher Shop– This page is for people who want to learn, share, or talk about different methods of butchering animals as well as all homestead living questions and just funny stuff like rabbit kilts.

Pastured Pigs for Meat and Profit– Thanks for joining. This group will focus on pigs for meat and profit. Not pet pigs….mini pigs…confinement pigs. Pasture if we can get it. More for the advanced pork producers. But if your learning please feel welcome and ask questions.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead


Homemaking Tips– This group is for people interested in homemaking tips and ideas.

Hot Process Soapmaking– My vision for this group is a learning forum, one which everyone feels free to share their techniques and expertise, which will benefit all of us in our hot process journey!

Soap Making– This group is for soap making enthusiasts that want to connect with other soap makers to share tips on making beautiful handmade soaps. A place to network, ask questions and learn.

Soapmaking with Natural Ingredients Forum– Welcome to the most innovative Natural Soapmaking Forum. We learn from each other. We love to Experiment using Nature. That’s what makes this Group so different to the others. We aren’t here to make money, just share skills.

Wholesome Homestead Recipes– Wholesome Homestead Recipes is a group designed to help homesteaders connect and share real food recipes. It is also a great place to ask for recipe troubleshooting and support.

Sausage Making and Meat Curing– A group where facebook users can share recipes on making and cooking with sausages and curing meat.

Old Fashioned Cooking, Baking & Recipes– We need a collection of Family recipes for cooking, baking and grilling. Old family recipes that been used in years. New ideas and different ways of COOKING, BAKING and GRILLING.

Candle Making for Beginners– This is a friendly group where in addition to sharing your experiences, you can ask for help and advice from others.

Recipes for Homesteads & Sustainability– A sub group for Homesteads and Sustainability. The same rules apply. This group is for sharing all the wonderful ways to use, prepare and preserve all of our homestead items!

Old Paths to New Homesteading & Self-Reliant Living: Fiber & Thread– Fiber & Thread is a Sub Group of Old Paths to New Homesteading & Self-Reliant Living. Here we will share: -Old Fashioned & Traditional Clothing. – Sewing – Knitting – Crocheting – Raising Fiber Animals – Dying Fibers – Weaving – Spinning.

Maple Syrup Making– This is a group for maple enthusiasts… those who tap hundreds of trees a year to those who just want to ask questions about the whole process because they may have a tree or two they’d like to tap. From those who have a sugar shack and large evaporator, to those who just collect a little sap from one tree in a milk jug.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead

Emergency Preparedness:

Prepared Ladies– Everything related to being prepared and self sufficient.

Off-Grid, Survival, Preppers, Hunting, Weapons & Medical– This main page is for tips, tricks, advice, support and a bit of showing off as it relates to off grid living and those working their way towards it.

SHTF Prepping & Survival– “SHTF Prepping and Survival” is a group of regular people with common sense and the will to survive & share ideas. You never know when it’s going to happen so come and join us if you want to be ready for whatever is thrown our way.

Prepping for Beginners– If you are new to prepping and the preparedness / survival lifestyles, then this is the place for you. We are here to mentor and help instruct anyone who is new to prepping or to those simply wanting to learn more before diving in.

21st Century Prepper– We are NOT a Doomsday Prepper page. We do not get people to prepare through the use of fear. We are here to educate ourselves and the others in our lives. We prepare because it makes sense to be responsible for yourself and those in your family and those around you. Are there dangers out there beyond our control, YES, but just about everything is beyond our control, so having a means to deal with those dangers and emergenices is our goal.

PrepSmartSurvival– Welcome to all, this is a family friendly place. Please feel free to post and ask questions. No fighting, cussing, or being disrespectful will be tolerated. Just keep it friendly and educational for everyone. Happy prepping ;^)>

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead

Food Preservation:

Canning– We are a group of canners who like to share our experiences with canning. We are not experts, the posts you will read are submitted by members and since none of us work for/are associated with the USDA we advise you do your own homework before trying anything you see here.

Canning Recipes– This group is for the Sharing of Canning Recipes.

Keeping It Real– A group focusing on the preservation of food for home storage and use. Techniques and recipes for canning , dehydrating, fermenting and curing.

Dehydrating Divas & Dudes– A friendly place to share dehydrating ideas and recipes. We are an inclusive group with members worldwide from all lifestyles, if you have food to dry, we’ll help you try!

Canning, Food Preservation, Dehydrating– Share your questions, answers, recipes for Canning, Food Preservation, Dehydration.

Safe Home Canning and Food Preservation– This is a canning advice group run by trained Food Preservation specialists. We are here to help with canning and preserving questions as well as share safe recipes and ideas. We all share a passion for food preserving, and believe in preserving for better quality food, for economy, and for good health.

Canning, Dehydrating, Freeze Drying-Safely– Welcome! We are here to practice only safe methods of canning, dehydrating, freeze drying, freezing, smoking and curing as set forth by the USDA, the NCHFP, the Extension Offices, Ball Blue Books, SB Canning, SB Dehydrating and Dehydrate2Store.

Do you have a Facebook community you love? Click here to see the ultimate list of Facebook groups for homesteaders and find your tribe today. #Facebook #homesteading #homesteadlife #homesteadinglife #homestead


Greater Philadelphia Gardening & Homesteading– We would like to welcome everyone, regardless of experience level, to join in the discussion about how we can grow our own food, live sustainably, and beautify our communities.

Container Gardening & Vertical Gardening– Many people are interested in good ideas for container gardening and/or vertical gardening. The best way to learn about this is to see good photos with a clear caption, constituting fantastic documents for all those looking for new ideas.

Of course, this is not every homesteading related group on Facebook. That would be impossible to gather. I have purposefully not included groups that you have to buy something in order to get in to or that are not family friendly.

But I hope this list helps you find a community you can relate to and feel comfortable commenting in regularly.

When used right, social media can help us not to feel alone in this world. It can help us find like minded people that can help us and we can help them. That is the goal of this list.

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Do you have a group you would like us to add to the list? Please let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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      Thanks! I am glad it is helpful!

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