Do You Need the Support of a Spouse to Homestead?

Do You Need the Support of a Spouse to Homestead? Click here to see why we think it is important to have the whole family involved in homesteading. Homesteading | Homestead Marriage | Homesteading Family

Homesteading can take over your life. Gardening, raising animals, homemaking and emergency preparedness are not things that are quick and easy. We have chosen this way of life for quality of life, not for ease of life.

So what happens when you are super pumped about homesteading, but your spouse isn’t on board? Do you need the support of a spouse to homestead?

The short answer is yes, and here’s why:

  1. Homesteading requires money out of your family budget. Although there are ways to save and earn money homesteading, it will take money to set things up and keep them moving. So if one person is not okay with those purchases, you shouldn’t make them. It isn’t worth it.
  2. It takes hard work from both parties. I do much of the daily chores on the homestead because my husband has a full time, demanding job and I stay home. But he is a huge help with the bigger projects. Building chicken coops, rabbit cages, raised beds and slaughtering animals are things I couldn’t do without him.
  3. Homesteading isn’t more important than your spouse or marriage. I love homesteading, but I could leave my homestead and live in an apartment in the city if that is what we decided was best for our family. My spouse and children are the priorities in my life and everything else comes second to them.

So, how do you get your spouse on board with homesteading?

  • Honest discussion-You never want to go into a discussion with guns blazing and looking for a fight. You need to discuss each other’s feelings and the deeper reasons why you should or shouldn’t homestead. Listen as much as you talk and see if you can come up with a compromise.
  • Start slow-So maybe you can’t buy 40 acres and a farm house right now. You can start by making your own meals from scratch or canning food from the farmers market. Once he/she sees how awesome those things are, they may let you move forward with other ideas as well.
  • Watch documentaries on homesteading subjects-I love watching homesteading documentaries on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Two big ones that come into my mind that made me second guess our food system are Food Matters and Hungry for Change. Make it a date night and maybe they will change their minds.
  • Offer to do the majority of the work-Maybe your spouse is worried about all of the extra work that homesteading entails. Offer to do the daily chores (or get the kids to do them) so that they won’t have to be reminded daily of why they don’t like it.

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Confession Time:

I have an awesome husband that is very supportive of homesteading and my blog. He has his own homesteading dreams and wishes we had the money to fulfill them. He is always willing to come up with solutions to the problems I have on the homestead. Whether it is building something new, taking care of animals or increasing our grocery budget, he is always ready to move our homestead forward. I feel blessed to have him and know that I could not do this without him.

Homesteading is a wonderful way to live. To be able to slow down and intentionally produce your own food for your family is a blessing. But if it causes constant contention in the home, you may need to find something new. I wish you good luck and hope that these tips help you keep your family happy on the homestead.

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Do you have the support of your spouse on the homestead? Please let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!

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Do You Need the Support of a Spouse to Homestead? Click here to see why we think it is important to have the whole family involved in homesteading. #homesteading #marriage #homesteader

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  1. Liz

    I am blessed that my husband is always on board with all my crazy homesteading plans! Great tips on bringing those reluctant spouses on board – thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!

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