When Good Enough Is Perfect on the Homestead

Do you fall prey to the comparison game? Click here to find out when good enough is perfect on the homestead and get things done. Comparison Game | Good Enough | Better than Perfect

The digital age is amazing. We can find information on any topic in the world we want to know about at the click of a button. We can learn how to do all kinds of things by reading blogs and watching YouTube. At no other time in history has information been so accessible.

But with all of this information comes the comparison game. Things like “Wow! That person’s house on Facebook looks amazing! Mine looks like a tornado just came through!” or “That Instagram picture of her garden looks so beautiful. Mine looks like a forest of weeds.”

Back in “the day” the only people’s houses that you saw were your neighbors house or an occasional tv or magazine picture. Since you knew that television and magazines weren’t real life, your expectations were lower. You went about your business taking care of your family, and keeping things clean but maybe not spotless. Your house was pretty much the same as everyone else’s you knew so you didn’t worry about it.

Now, we are constantly bombarded with people’s best. Their best outfit, best meal, best birthday party, etc. We don’t see the stuff they pushed aside to take the picture, so we don’t realize the mess is still there.

I want to talk to you today about the idea of “good enough”. As a photographer and blogger, I struggle a lot in this area. I want to showcase my best work on my blog and social media. Those pictures are real, but they don’t tell the whole story. I am hoping that we can realize that good enough is perfect in most situations and that we shouldn’t be killing ourselves to make things look perfect all of the time.

The idea of good enough means that the things you do on your homestead don’t have to be perfect. Your garden doesn’t have to be beautiful to produce food. You chicken coop doesn’t have to be beautiful to keep the chickens safe. Your home doesn’t have to be spotless to serve your family well. If you are making things work and pushing forward, that is good enough.

Do you fall prey to the comparison game? Click here to find out when good enough is perfect on the homestead and get things done. Comparison Game | Good Enough | Better than Perfect

How can good enough benefit your homestead?

  1. Saves Time-A project goes quicker if you can make something that is useable but maybe not Pinterest worthy.
  2. Decreases Budget– It is cheaper to build a garden box out of scrap wood than to buy a beautiful, pre-made box from the store.
  3. Saves Headache– Sometimes it is just frustrating to try to make things look perfect when good enough works just fine.
  4. Allows You to Get More Done-If you use what you have laying around the house to make a project, you can do it quicker and move on to the next thing. Therefore you can check items off your list faster.

When can perfection rob you of joy?

The practice of perfection can rob you of joy because it can make you not even try. Do you ever think- “If I can’t have a pretty little chicken coop with flower boxes and green grass, I just won’t have chickens at all!” or “If my garden can’t be weed free then I give up!”

Homesteading is messy, dirty, frustrating and hard. It isn’t always pretty or idealistic. But if you keep trying and doing your best (whether it looks good or not) you will get there. You will have produced food for your family and be better prepared for an emergency or financial downfall.

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Good enough on the homestead means getting things done. It means moving forward. It means being thankful for what you have and living within your means. Homesteading is about being self sufficient and frugal. Perfectionism can steal from the big strides that you have made in your life by comparing yourself to others. The quote “Don’t compare your beginning to other people’s middle” is a great way to prove this point. Everyone starts somewhere, and if you get caught up in what someone else is doing, you lose the motivation to move on yourself.

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How have you practiced “good enough” on your homestead? Please let us know in the comments below. And if you found this post helpful, please share. Thanks!


  1. Mimi

    I couldn’t agree more! If we didn’t value the imperfect, we’d never get to being ‘perfect’, now would we? A wonderful post! Pinned. Mimi xxx

    1. Julie @ Our Provident Homestead

      Absolutely. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Teri

    Such wise words Julie! I totally agree and thank you for sharing them. I grew up on a farm/apple orchard set up. I got married and everywhere I moved I had to have a garden, even when I lived in the city. To be perfect adds stress to something that can bring so much joy and happiness.

    1. Julie @ Our Provident Homestead

      Thanks! I think sometimes we get caught up in what we are supposed to do instead of what we enjoy!

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