13 Convenient Mason Jar Uses on the Homestead

mason jar chandelier

I LOVE MASON JARS! Sorry, was I yelling?

I have mason jars all over my house. They are so useful and convenient.

Plus, I just love the rustic vibe they provide.

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Here are just a few things we use mason jars for on the homestead:

1. Drinking

photo of green mason jars in the kitchen cabinet

We use these green mason jars for everyday drinking. We have the pint and quart size in the cupboard for our dishes. You can also get purple ones too. I heard that Ball was discontinuing these soon, so don’t miss out.

green mason jars with lid and straw with milk inside

I drink my protein shakes each morning out of a mason jar with this lid and straw. I love it because I can take it on the go!

2. Food Storage

photo of a large mason jar inside a refrigerator

If you look in my fridge (scary!) you will see several different sized mason jars with leftovers in them. So handy, especially if you get the white lids for easy storage.

3. Canning

photo of beans canned in mason jars on the kitchen counter

Of course, we can’t talk about mason jars without talking about canning! I love canning the harvest. It is so rewarding to see all of the jars lined up on the shelf, ready for winter.

4. Lights

photo of a mason jar chandelier

My husband made this chandelier from mason jars. He got the tutorial here and used a piece of wood for the base.

photo of a mason jar pendant light

We also used these mason jars to make three pendant lights over the kitchen island. We got the instructions here.

5. Laundry Soap

photo of inside a cabinet in a laundry room with jars of laundry soap inside

I use mason jars to store my homemade laundry soap in the laundry room. Here is the recipe I use!

6. Gifts

photo of mason jar craft with red licorice

I love to use mason jars for teacher gifts. This one has twizzlers in it and says “You’re the Sweetest!” I got the tutorial here.

7. Centerpiece

Christmas decoration- coca cola crate with mason jars and ornaments inside

This year I used mason jars with lights inside this old Coke crate for my Christmas centerpiece.

8.  Soap Dispenser

photo of mason jar soap dispenser

This pint size soap dispenser is super easy to use to make. Here is the tutorial I used. If you don’t want to make your own, you can buy the tops here.

9.  Chicken waterer

photo of a mason jar chicken waterer

I use mason jars for my chicken waterers when I have baby chicks in the house. You can buy the base here.

10.  Vase

photo of mason jar vase with orange flowers on a wood table

I love to have fresh flowers in the house and a mason jar (big or small) makes a great flower vase.

11.  Cupcake Liner Storage

photo of mason jar with cupcake liners inside on a table

This is a Pinterest find that I thought was ingenious! Why didn’t I think of that first!

12.  Wedding Decor

mason jars with a wedding theme

A friend of ours had these jars at her wedding. We saved them as a keepsake.

13.  Matchbox

mason jar with matches inside

Here is a way to keep the matches safe and dry. Just cut out the striking strip and put it on the top of the jar. Yes!

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Do you love mason jars too? I am continually looking for more mason jars uses and projects. I have a Pinterest Board devoted to Mason Jars.  Check it out!

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Please comment and let us know what you use mason jars for in your home or homestead. Thanks!

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