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Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficency.

It is characterized by gardening, raising animals, preserving the harvest, emergency preparedness and learning time honored skills to become more self-reliant.


How does a city girl become a homesteader? I share how I moved from the city to the country and why my family chose this lifestyle. City Girl | Country Girl | Homesteader   Do you want to learn more about homesteading? Rootsy is a way to learn new topics about homesteading each month from people all over the web. Rootsy | Homestead Education | Learn Homesteading   Do you fall prey to the comparison game? Click here to find out when good enough is perfect on the homestead and get things done. Comparison Game | Good Enough | Better than Perfect How does money affect your homesteading? Click here to see how devising a homesteading mindset changes your outlook on money. Homesteading Mindset | Homestead Money | Making Money on the Homestead


           Do you have a hard time making a healthy meal at dinnertime? Click here to see how using freezer meals can save you time and money at your home. Freezer Meals | Quick Meals | Healthy Meals  Do you love your Instant Pot? Click here for a roundup of the best instant pot recipes on the internet and how they can help you at dinnertime. Instant Pot | Electric Pressure Cooker | Instant Pot Recipes


        Have you tried the deep mulch method in your garden? Click here to see how using this method keeps the weeds at bay in my garden. Deep Mulch Gardening | Gardening Tips | Back to Eden Garden Do you love the harvest from your summer garden? Click here to see how you can extend the season with a fall garden and enjoy even more produce. Fall Garden | Garden Planting | More Harvest


           Did you know that healthy fats are an important part of your diet? Click the pin to see our top 10 favorite healthy fats and why you should be eating them. Healthy Fats | Healthy Habits Series | Add fat to your diet

Emergency Preparedness

        What lessons can you learn from our house fire? We reflect on our loss and what we have learned at our three year anniversary of our fire. House Fire | Emergency Preparedness | Lessons Learned   How do you preserve food for the winter? Click here to begin this food preservation series with learning how to dehydrate food and why you should try it. Dehydrating | Food Preservation | Homestead Kitchen


       Are you thinking of adding laying hens to your homestead? We answer 10 questions about how to take care of your laying hens for optimal health. Raising laying hens | Chicken Care | Backyard Chickens    How do you keep your animals cool on the homestead during the summer? Click here for 18 ways to keep homestead animals cool in the summer heat. Summer | Keeping Animals Cool | Chickens | Rabbits Do you have many animals on your homestead? Click here to find out how you can utilize their manure to increase yields in your garden and orchard. Types of Manure | Gardening | Composting


Start Homesteading Wherever You Are


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